The Matriarch Series

The Matriarch Series is an investigation into applying minimal narrative and scale to my art practice. This series was exhibited during my BFA thesis exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The unexpected loss of the matriarchs of my family has left me with overwhelming grief. An intrinsic part of my grief is related to the realization that I have lost generations of matriarchal family folklore. As I now take up the mantle of the matriarch of my family the mythical and ritual that would have accompanied this experience is sadly extinct, along with my family members. The series comprises of an immersive installation of three 5’ x 8’ ft. ledger stones in the style of a white cut out dress made from birch wood. Composed as a triptych, the middle ledger stone elevated and hung by a peg and hanger. Including Mortality, a sculpture of six plaster legs with high heel shoes, stacked on a pedestal replicating broken limbs as a metaphor for my matriarchs’ broken bodies and mortality.