The Female Gaze Series is a deconstruction of conventional themes of the female gaze informed by theorist Laura Mulvey’s research. For centuries, "the male gaze" has dominated popular culture with propaganda perpetuating patriarchal dominance in every aspect of American society. In her 2016 TIFF Talks keynote address, film director Jill Soloway champions the cause, challenging the creative industry to "make space for women to take the lead in shaping female protagonism," further observing that "art is self-propaganda ...protagonism is propaganda.”

This series's depth and breadth encompass my epic journey of female empowerment and the defiance of not being objectified or dismissed. Developing authentic feminist mythology is crucial to reclaiming the collective female identity. As Barbara S. Lesko writes in The Great Goddesses of Egypt, “Women have worshipped goddesses for far more millennia than they have lived under the patriarchal monotheisms.” My series depicts five large scale (60 x 60 x 2 in.) self-portraits on canvas, amalgamating figurative realism in multiple disciplines: photography, digital manipulation, acrylic skins, acrylic casting, and acrylic and oil painting.