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OTOSHIANA (おとし穴, Pitfall) is a study of Tomoko Nakamichi's fabric sculptures published in 2010 in three volumes called Pattern Magic. Pushing the concept and application using other mediums, creating paper and metal mesh sculptures that further the conversation.


OTOSHIANA I and II, 8' x 4' white linen paper. The viewer does not see the Otoshiana until they are right in front of the paper sculpture. Just like experiencing a pitfall, one never knows when it will happen.


OTOSHIANA III, 8' x 4' silver metal mesh. The viewer sees the sculpture as 2D and does not know it is actually 3D until standing in front. From a distance, it looks like a pencil drawing. In this study, the viewer can see the pitfall; however, because of its treatment, the sculpture is deceptive. Once again, one may see the pitfall ahead but never knows how one will experience it.

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